Morning Musings

Too much of “Life” is arbitrary. How we define our ontology must have a foundation, or Life is meaningless.

“What is real? What is good? What is beauty? What is truth?” — all these questions, not only their answers, are futile if there exists no predetermined construct.

That’s our problem with G-d: we don’t want to have our own lives predetermined, pre-defined for us. We want to find meaning within ourselves.

However, if the Scriptures are true, then we cannot find meaning apart from Him. It is meaningless. We are created by Him, for Him, unto Him.

Such an existence is not to satisfy any vain, arrogant “need” G-d has. These terms only expose our presumptuousness. They are a projection of an unredeemed Self.

For if the Scriptures are true, then it can also be said we were created out of desire, not need. If Hashem is truly the G-d He says He is, if He is as powerful as the Scriptures and history declare, then our existence never relied upon His need.

It was desire which compelled G-d, not need. A desire so strong, it became a need.

Morning Musings | Writing Lynn — Endless Musings


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